This is a story based on the style of play in Kara's Barry The Mooch Challenge found here - Basically my sim is starting off with $5 in a resident lot set up as a 'park' with just a couple of low quality benches, a chesse table and fire pit. Can she make it by simply mooching and stealing off others?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day One

Photobucket Chelsea was tired of the country life. So one day she hopped the bus and headed for the big city.. well ok she headed for Sunset Valley. Being a free spirit she really didn't think things through and just saw this little escapade as an adventure. Who needs a bed when you can sleep under the stars... and this little park looked like the perfect place to settle in.


Chelsea : Ahhhh, the open air, flowers, trees, the wind in my hair... (grumble grumble) .. ummm I am sort of hungry.

Photobucket It didn't take long .. only a few hours actually before Chelsea realized that she wasn't going to last long on air alone. So she did what any homeless broke cute country girl would do. ... beg for money.

Photobucket ... and a more money.

Chelsea : People in this town sure are giving.

Two townies and $6 later and Chelsea thinks she might be ok after all.


For some reason the resident Witch makes Chelsea think of Halloween, which makes her think of Halloween Candy, .. which makes her remember how hungry she is. So why not try and mooch some food, right?

Chelsea : Mmmmm soup .. errr green witchy soup

...........hey beggers can't be choosers and all that.

Photobucket Well with a full belly and all that mooching and running around (no money for a taxi) Chelsea is pretty wiped from her first day living the park life.

Photobucket Back at the old home ... park? Chelsea relaxes by the pit fire.

Photobucket Chelsea : Did you hear that? .. Hello? I swear I heard something. Nights in the park can be a bit scary.

Uh-Oh looks Chelsea's fears got the best of her. She must have stayed up all night at that fire pit, but the suns up and there is mooching to be done!

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  1. Great start :) Will be interesting to see how she fares.